Titleist Scotty Cameron 2022 Holiday Limited Pútter

Scotty Cameron 2022 H22 Limited Proto

Holiday pútterinn í ár er glæný týpa frá Scotty; Newport 1.5 plus

Svartur haus, svart skaft og svart grip.

34.5" langur og töff svart cover.

Þetta er einhver allra flottasti pútter sem við höfum séð!


Framleiddur í 1500 eintökum - einn pútter til okkar.



  • Tæknileg atriði

  • LOFT 3.5º
  • LEGA 70º
  • LENGD 34.5"
  • EFNI Í HAUS 303 stainless steel w/ 6061 aircraft aluminum sole anodized in black
  • OFFSET Full Shaft
  • GRIP Pistolero Plus 
  • ÞYNGINGAR 2 x 15-gram stainless steel 



Scotty Cameron’s 2022 H22 Black Limited Proto unveils another new format in the high performance blade putter realm. With dark accents throughout—including Scotty’s elegant Tour Black finish on the putter head and shaft—this first-ever Newport 1.5 Plus model presents players with a unique new blade designed slightly wider for a bold new, confidence-inspiring look. The H22 seasonal release introduces a limited putter with new technology in a specialty setup for an all-new Newport 1.5 Plus model that continues the evolution of Scotty’s blade design. The “Plus” concept combines the sleek aesthetics and setup qualities of a blade with the stability benefits traditionally associated with larger, higher-MOI putters.

Relying on proven multi-material design methodology, the H22 Black Limited Proto's dark color palette is carried through from its precision milled 303 stainless steel body to its mil-spec, stencil-styled engraved 6061 aluminum sole plate anodized black. At 34.5” with a toe flow-promoting jet neck, this Plus-sized blade includes a new textured Pistolero Plus grip, a custom headcover and a model-specific shaft band, as well. Scotty’s familiar three-dot design reveals itself in the machined metal circles milled in the back pocket.

1,500 pieces have been crafted for worldwide release on December 22, 2022.

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