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Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 Limited Pútter

Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 LTD

Nýjasti Limited pútterinn frá Scotty Cameron heitir Concept X 7.2 LTD

Byggður á grunni eins vinsælasta púttersins í Phantom línunni, Phantom X7 nema með öðrum hálsi (plumbing neck) eins og er mjög vinsælt á stærstu mótaröðum í heimi. 

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Við fengum 4 stk til okkar, 2 stk 34" og 2 stk 35"



Inspired by the popularity of the Phantom X 7 head shape on the worldwide professional golf tours—and subsequent requests for the addition of a plumbing neck—Scotty Cameron has created the Concept X 7.2 LTD in a special run to give golfers the opportunity to experience a Tour Only design for themselves.

Offering the alignment of a tour-proven mallet combined with the performance of a toe flow-promoting plumbing neck, this precision milled, multi-material model has an elegant Tour Black finish, Scotty's iconic three dot theme paintfilled in new translucent smoke, a unique cherry dot sight line and the aesthetic styling of a true limited creation. With its completely re-designed sleek new neck, this refined, high-MOI mallet provides the best of both worlds—a putter that swings like a blade with the stability of a mallet.

Also made in a left-handed version and featuring Scotty’s dual milled face technology, which combines softer feel with an extremely consistent face from toe to heel, the Concept X 7.2 LTD putter is crafted from 303 stainless steel and integrated with a 6061 aircraft aluminum flange/sole component for ideal weight distribution. A new textured Pistolero Plus grip, custom Concept X LTD shaft band and a matching mid-round headcover complete the presentation.


  • LOFT 3.5º
  • LIE 70º
  • LENGTH 34", 35"
  • HEAD MATERIAL 303 stainless steel with 6061 aluminum flange/sole component
  • OFFSET Full Shaft
  • GRIP Pistolero Plus with gray lettering and black texture
  • WEIGHTS 2 x 15 grams (34") 2 x 10 grams (35")


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