Scotty Cameron Monoblok 6.5 Limited Pútter

Scotty Cameron Monoblok 6.5 Limited

Scotty Cameron kynnir til leiks nýja púttera í takmörkuðu magni, Monoblok 6.5 kemur á markaðinn í 2000 eintökum á heimsvísu.

Framleiddir úr heilum klumpi af 303 Stainless Steel eru Monoblok ekki ólíkir GOLO pútterunum frá Scotty sem hafa verið lengi í sviðsljósinu og mikið notaðir á stóru mótaröðunum.

Hér má sjá myndband og heyra Scotty Cameron lýsa þessu nánar :

Monoblok Myndband



With a passion for creating putters that perform at golf’s highest levels, Scotty Cameron introduces the new MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 putters. Made in a limited run and inspired by the continued success of tour professionals playing previous generation GOLO putters on the worldwide tours, these rounded mallets are reminiscent of GOLO designs, yet offer a new, sought-after head size in two, purpose-specific neck and shaft configurations. Inspired by an iconic automotive wheel crafted from a single block
of metal, Scotty named these putters MONOBLOK to celebrate his tradition of milling putters from solid 303 stainless steel.


The MONOBLOK 6.5 extends Scotty Cameron’s proven construction methodology of incorporating complementary materials to achieve desired performance characteristics. This model employs a precision milled 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head for higher MOI, optimal weight distribution, superior balance and excellent feel.



The MONOBLOK 6.5 features a refined jet neck that lays back slightly and employs a seamless shaft-over spud design for an uninterrupted view of the ball from address with nearly one shaft of offset in a configuration that encourages a more arcing stroke path.

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