Titleist T300 Járnasett 2021

Titleist T300

Fyrir kylfinga sem vilja mikla lengd, hærra boltaflug og mikla fyrirgefningu. 

Auðveldustu kylfurnar í T-seríunni.


Stykkjaverð á kylfu með stálskafti 23.900 kr.

Stykkjaverð á kylfu með grafítskafti 25.900 kr.


Nánari upplýsingar á ensku :

Muscle Under the Hood:Locked behind the T300 badge lies a hidden power source - Max Impact 2.0. A Cantilever Core Support Structure features a new high resilience polymer core, delivering maximum speed and distance control.

Better Tungsten for Better Performance:
The high-density tungsten (D18) weights are utilised in the heel and toe of the four to seven irons for greater mass efficiency. In addition, Titleist engineers were able to add 40 percent more tungsten than was in the previous generation T300
through a brazing process applied from aerospace construction usually reserved for tour-played irons. This contributes to a solid-feeling, advanced design that produces the optimal balance of launch, distance and forgiveness.

Thinner Where it Counts:
The T300 now employs a High COR Variable Face Design that is thinner towards the heel in the long and mid irons to improve performance at what is traditionally one of the least effective strike points.

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